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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  June 18, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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crisis, from the bottle tax to rolling billboards on it firetrucks. kerry cavanaugh is live at city hall with more on this story. >> baltimore city council took a rare stand against the mayor today, signaling that they intend to go against her proposed budget. a recently passed major that would put paid ads on the side of city guard trucks is being considered by some as a funding godsend. bar engines are designed to command attention and baltimore city it is capitalizing on that, by selling ad space on the side of firetrucks and medic units. the sponsor believes it will bring in up to $6 million figure, enough money to prevent three fire companies from closing. >> i hope it is a big magic bullet that keeps this thing open. >> several high-profile companies have -- have inquired about buying ad space. >> the mission that will be set
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up will have the unions as part of that and they will decide how it is affixed to the actual engine. >> the mayor is not quite as confident that the ads will bring in enough tax to say the fire company. >> i don't think it will be enough, but i understand and respect their desire to look at creative ways to fund our priorities. >> the mayor's priorities do not match up with the city council. monday, council members made it clear they are willing to attack her funding priorities if he ignores theirs. they have voted to cut over five minutes dollars from the mayor's proposed budget, including police department funding. >> that is not acceptable. q. don't say congratulations, you have done a good job, and then recommend cutting the budget. it does not make common sense. i am not going to jeopardize the safety of our city.
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>> the budget negotiations are complicated and ongoing. tonight the city council passed a final version of the bottle tax. it raises the tax to 5 cents on every bottle of water or soda sold in the city. >> the war over baltimore's phones is heating up. joan pratt accused the mayor of spending $600,000 on phones without going through the bidding process. today the two sides spoke publicly about the issue. >> i did know that the mayor was trying to take over the duties and responsibilities of the municipal telephone exchange, because the mayor offered me real-estate positions in exchange for the department of communications, and i told her it was an insult bedecks i am
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very deeply disappointed with the false obligations of the comptroller, and i look forward to receiving an apology. it has already been determined that the allegations are without legal or factual merit and i welcome this or any review of the inspector general because i know they are untrue. >> pratt said she and the mayor were scheduled to meet this afternoon but she says the mayor canceled that meeting. we have learned that joe boniface died in an early- morning car crash. happen on a private farm in darlington. deputies say they believe the 20-year-old lost control of his pickup truck on route a curb and struck offense. baltimore city police are looking into an overnight shooting in east baltimore. investigators say a man was shot multiple times and north elwood avenue just before 1:30 this morning. there is no word on the victim's condition tonight and no arrests have been made in the case.
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still no word tonight on what caused the devastating fire of the weekend that claimed the life of an east baltimore father. city fire officials tell us that flames broke out just before midnight on saturday, killing 51-year-old bruce wagner and to family pets in the home on eastport avenue. we caught up with the family after the fire did they tell us the blaze began just hours after his daughter's wedding. plan directed at this baltimore county recycling plant. captain roy taylor reported on this breaking news round of talk this evening. it is unclear what sparked the fire but an investigation is underway. one of the five people convicted in the elaborate darfur hire of a gas station owner will head to deal for the rest of his life. he learn his fate today in baltimore county circuit court. for his role in the slaying of william ray porter. porter was shot and killed back in march of 2010 in what was supposed to look like a gas
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station robbery. his wife carla is accused of orchestrating the scheme. she is due to stand trial next year. city police say thieves used a craigslist tumor victim to a location where they were robbed at gunpoint. the latest incident happened saturday afternoon just before 3:00. the person thought there were going to buy a car posted online. the victim saw the vehicle they wanted, but inside were two men is that they knew nothing about the sale. during all the confusion, investigators said the victim was robbed of $4,500 intended for buying the car. the culprits have not been caught. in an effort to cut down on violent crime, dozens of liquor stores could be stripped of their license. health and planning officials have identified 128 outlets that are currently operating in the middle of a residential block
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and are proposing that those stores have two years to make a change. as you might spect, that proposal is not sitting well with store owners. >> i will now have to start thinking of something else to do. i don't think i can survive not having that. i have had for 20 years and it is a big part of my business. >> the businesses can choose to continue operating but not sell alcohol, they can choose to move to different locations where they can sell alcohol, or if they want to make other decisions. >> the proposal still has to be approved by the city council. it is expected to be introduced this fall. brad bealefeld when on his final citizens walk as baltimore police commissioner tonight. it started on no. chester street and he's been that time meeting with neighbors and reflecting on his five years as baltimore city commissioner. kai reed joins us live a baltimore police headquarters with more of that story.
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>> this was the first wall for baltimore release neighborhood but the commissioners last of his career. he spent part of the time talking about how community outreach is the key to success. the last walk of commissioner bill belleville's career start off with a little game of catch and some words of wisdom for baltimore jaundiced residents. >> we want to tell people to take care of each other. >> bealefeld five-year career produce some important decisions. the u.s. number of homicides in 35 years. he attributes a lot of it to change in culture, what he calls a grass-roots level of activism. >> you have to prioritize your resources. instead of alienating the
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committee, go out and be their friend. talk to them and figure out what their priorities are, and then go about doing that. >> he explained his focus on the city's most violent offenders. >> for me, for five years, that has been the rallying cry of who to focus on first and get the community behind, get everybody's attention galvanized on that. >> he says he has not given any recommendations for his replacement but he does have some advice. >> find somebody that feel like they are responsible for all of us, not just part of us, but all of us. i always felt like i was responsible for all of its, from how to handle sex offense cases are reduced the homicide rate or doing something about maniac running around acting like fools at the harbor. i felt responsible for doing something about it.
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>> commissioner bealefeld says he is retiring to spend more time with his family. his last day is august 1. kai reed, wbal-tv 11 news. >> city police working hand-in- hand with their state and federal counterparts working round-the-clock to make sure the sailabration one of without a hitch, and it worked. the event is being called one of baltimore city's largest and most successful events in recent history. sources indicate that more than 500,000 people visited baltimore over the past four days. local businesses appear pleased, and police say there were no major crime issues in or around the city. >> is a combination of working with specific stakeholders that have a big part of the event. and it is police presence, making sure there are officers there not only to inform people but to be able to handle any violence.
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>> police said they used a combination of uniformed and plainclothes officers to patrol the inner harbor. today was the most significant day so far for sailabration. on this day 200 years ago, the u.s. officially declared war on great britain, beginning the war of 1812. hundreds of people gathered for a peaceful ceremony today at fort mchenry. >> it is war that really gave the united states the recognition as a real nation. we had independence, but we did not have respect. this war get our country and our flag respect. francis scott key understood that. that is why he wrote the national anthem. every american understood that. the rest is history. >> president obama recorded a video message for today's ceremony come out along with the prime ministers of canada and great britain. sailabration is winding down, but it is not over yet. we can expect another
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magnificent site tomorrow as all the ships began to depart. the navy warships, the gray hulls will take off first, leaving between 6:00 and 11:00 tomorrow morning. after that come the tall ships, and they are set to depart in a parade of ships between 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. it should be beautiful. the star-spangled sailabration is coming to an end, but there is continuing coverage on you can attack along with shelton dutes aboard the cisne branco. you'll find all on our home page. up next, some high-profile national court cases. plus microsoft unveils its answer to a ipad. we have our blue crabs, but a different type of blue crustaceans has been caught in maryland's waters. a rare cats, coming up.
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>> some thunderstorms to the west are developing a long 0 warm front. temperatures will start rising around here. around here. right now
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x the judge in the jerry sandusky trial said deliberations could begin on thursday. another former penn state coach, richard anderson, told jurors that he and other coaches were sometimes present when sandusky brought young boys into the shower and that he never saw anything inappropriate. the jury will be sequestered for deliberation. we are hearing more today from the man accused of murder in the shooting death of trayvon
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martin. the special prosecutor released tapes of telephone conversations between george zimmerman and his wife, shelley. the couple are accused of discussing funds in coat and never revealing how much money they actually had. >> take your 10 out first to keep in your pocket, and at the institution, see if you can put 10 and broadway -- right away and put it in the box there. >> prosecutors say the 10 was called for $10,000 and that despite telling the judge they were broke, they had over $100,000 and a paypal account. a bond hearing is scheduled for next week. the man at the center of the robyn gardner disappearance wants to collect on a big policy to -- that he took out on her life. giordano is suing american
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express for $3.5 million. he said in a suit that border is presumed dead and the company should pay the full death benefit print. garner went missing while the pair a vacation in aruba last year. giordano was held in anne arundel but later released due to lack of evidence. the potential expansion of gambling in maryland. sticking points include whether to allow table games and how to compensate existing casinos if anyone is allowed in prince george's county. not everyone is happy about today's session. the senate minority leader had no problem voicing his displeasure about the closed- door meeting. he and acknowledges the group had no legal obligation to open its doors, but in a statement he said this is a sad example of the proverbial smoking back room. he says one of his staffers was
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barred from the meeting. a public meeting is slated for wednesday afternoon. ipad come meet your new competitor. microsoft unveiled its new windows power tablets in a move to go head-to-head with apple. comes with two versions and weighs about 1.5 pounds. it has a kickstand and magnetic cover which also acts as a keyboard. it is a one in a million, the chance of catching a blue lobster. the fishing vessel pot luck caught a 1.25 pound blue lobster off the coast of ocean city last week. he has been renamed and toby and the captain plans to donate it to the national aquarium in washington d.c. it is now on display in ocean city. you can check him out. >> now, your insta-weather forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> article looking, that blue
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lobster. around here, temperatures were cooler. most of this month that has been cooler than normal. 11 of the first 18 days has checked in cooler than normal. we have had 16 consecutive or more than normal months. if you like the cougar june temperatures -- haute couture temperatures, it is just hours until it changes around -- if than normal coloooler and june temperatures. the record high for this date was the 1997 -- was set in 1957 at 97. a couple of bigger thunderstorms in the great lakes, ohio, western maryland have fizzled out.
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for the rest of the night it would just be cloudy. temperatures will be steady for most of the night, holding in the low 60's. 66 on the coast. down at the beach, mostly cloudy and sunrise coming up at 5:40. the wins tomorrow are set to turn to the south as the warm front moves on by. 50's and 60's east of the front, but 86 is the current temperature in chicago right now. the heat goes all the way back to the rockies in into the southwest. 100 in denver, bone dry and scorching heat. that is the problem with four stars out in colorado. 94 in chicago for the high today. that is where the weather will be coming from for the next couple of days. we will go even higher on wednesday into thursday. you can see some isolated storms popping up in a heated the
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afternoon both wednesday and thursday. the front will come through friday night. partly cloudy tomorrow and a little bit warmer. 83-88 and the south wind is starting to make it feel more humid. for air temperatures in the mountains. near deep creek it starts to climb up into the low 80's. you know some he is on the way around eastern shore, hot and more humid. 97 on wednesday. down at ocean city you get a sea breeze so as soon as it gets in the low 80's, the winds kicking off ocean and that should cool things off a little bit right on the beach. 86 tomorrow, 97 wednesday. thursday looks to be the hottest day of the week. the heat index could top the 100-degree mark. >> with all due respect to
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lovers of the english language, we will show you why 13 k spells dominance tonight against the orioles. >> the maryland lottery, let yourself play. is anight's jackpot estimated $1.1 million. 35-38-18-29-24-4. if no one matches all six numbers on one line of a ticket, the jackpot climbs to $1.2 million. the next drawing is thursday night at 11:22 here on wbal-tv
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>> it cannot call him 01 hit wonder. he turned around and hits 01 hitter against the orioles tonight. one hit, no runs. not a good combination for the orioles. they lose tonight in new york, 5-0. 13 strikeouts, he struck out matt wieters three times. breaking up the no-hitters that time, but dropping a center and to right field. ike davis, bases loaded, not anymore. a grand slam, 4-0 mets. chris davis goes out, the first pitcher to reach 11 wins with the 5-0 win for the mets.
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tonight, something he grew accustomed to the pitcher, a win. the jury cleared roger clemens on all six counts that he lied to congress in 2008 when he said he did not use performance enhancing drugs. last year, the first trial ended in a mistral. the debate on whether clemens' use steroids will likely continue in baseball circles for years to come. this year his name shows up in the hall of fame ballot. the next test on the integrity of his 154 career wins. >> i put a lot of hard work into that career. again, i appreciate my teammates to came in and all the e-mails and phone calls. thank you all very much. >> 4,500 miles separate:from all
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the moral. huge matches today in euro 2012. a footnote here, all consuming there. spain defeated croatia on an exclamation point of a gold. it would send spain forward. one of the previous goals in the tournament. don't talk to the referee, just look at the replay, a thing of beauty as italy since ireland home with a 2-0 win for italy today. for heavyweight champ mike tyson wants to test his skills on stage with a one-man show on broadway. spike lee will produce the tyson broadway show.
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we will presume no singing and dancing, which means a lot of talking for mike tyson. he has a better chance of becoming a role model for pacifists and of winning a tony. >> i am not saying i will be the best, but i will not be the worst. i am here to do my best. you'll witness that i am here to do my work and it will be pretty much entertaining. >> a one-man show? i could see him doing a lot of things, but a one-man show? >> the undisputed troops opened on broadway on july 31. there are no guarantees how long it will last.
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next after what is certainly the most glorious weekend of many years -- it was. we all agree it was. >> here it comes, i think you are going to like it. it is going to be a summary feeling. summer officially begins at 7:09 wednesday. it will cool off a few degrees going into the weekend. that is all for 11 news tonight. see you back here tomorrow. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] gy
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